• Imagine . Create . Innovate

    Ignite the power of creativity through India's only research-backed program bringing together the best of western science and eastern wisdom
  • Building the 21st Century Skills

    Beautiful Minds

    Creative Thinking programs for young minds. From ages 6 to 14 years
  • Integrate Creativity into Curriculum
    To Teach Creativity & Creatively!

    Empower teachers to significantly improve engagement and learning outcomes while developing 21st century thinking & emotional skills

Our Key Programs

We offer our programs as standalone creativity programs as well as integrated into core curriculum of schools

Beautiful Minds

Creative Thinking programs for schools and as after-school class


Integrate creativity into curriculum for schools

Creative thinking is 3-times a stronger indicator of lifetime achievement than is Intelligence!*

*From a landmark 40-year follow-up longitudinal study 

We bring you India's only research-backed range of programs applying approaches that have been shown to significantly improve multiple dimensions of creative thinking

Our Unique Approach Comprises

Research-backed Foundations

Built on creativity research from institutions like the International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) at State University of New York in Buffalo

Not Just Thinking Skills

Our programs focus on building a wide range of not just thinking, but also emotional skills

Anchored on Real-World Contexts

Learn by doing through experiential learning that uses real-world contexts and challenges

Imagination, Insight & Intuition

Integral to our approach is a gentle exploration into the world of perception, intuition and insight